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1964 Lightguard Armory Car Show Photos

Chrysler 3001962 Chrysler 300. I met the owner & driver of this car, Anne Armstrong, during my photo exhibit at the 2010 Autorama. Anne is a member of the car club called "Chrysler 300 Club International". Anne's Chrysler was & still is a one of a kind car. Chrysler even called she & her husband & told them they'd never thought of the concept of putting a max wedge or a hemi engine in a full size chrysler. She says that this car almost held the national record but even though it didn't, she says, in 1965, after the National's, they used to hold a 4 lane race the day after & they raced this car against 3 winners, it was the biggest car, & ended up winning. So in my book, that's still a winner. Back in the early 1960's, the name of this car was "Beautiful Brute" & the color was & still is "Bermuda Turquoise" although it looks white in this B&W photo taken here by Joe Stevens in 1964. On one occassion, racing at Detroit Dragway, her husband was late so she had to jump in & race the car herself. The announcer, at the time, said, "Look at that!! Her husband sent her out for a loaf of bread & look where she ended up." She says that she thinks she was one of the 1st woman to race at Detroit Dragway. One time she raced at Motorcity Dragway iwhile in full term pregnancy & went to have the baby 10 minutes after she got out of the car & ended up giving birth 2 days later at the hospital. She says that on the way to the hospital, they got into a couple of races down on Woodward, then her husband dropped her off at the hospital door. Her husband is gone now but she still has their car & their memories & her children. The car now has been completely restored & is tentatively appearing at the 2012 Detroit Autorama. Anne is doing a story with the Cruise News so stay posted for that sometime after todays date of 10/21/11 & before the 2012 Detroit Autorama. Anne has had the car for 49 years now & says that they raced at several tracks such as Detroit, Motorcity, Stanton, Milan, St. Thomas, Grand Bend & in Ohio & says that the notable feature that would make people remember this car besides its hemi power & speed was that their tow car was the same Bermuda Turquoise color that really made it stand out. Well I'm happy to report that I've found this picture of Ann's "Beautiful Brute" as they didn't take many pictures back then. Needless to say, she is quite happy about it too & will be reading this. Hi Ann. She says, as reference to what her car looks like, this same model was on the front cover of Hot Rod Magazine in 1962 & you may have seen her at this yrs 2011 Woodward Dream Cruise as she had finally finished restoring it in time for it. And if you want to see the real deal, make it down to 2012's Autorama. This car is in several other photos in this gallery so see if you can find it in photo #'s 2,3,5,12,16 & 17. To view the photos in the largest (3x) size, mouse over this picture until you see the drop down menu & click on the 3x. After it opens in the large size, look across the top of the screen at all the options & to continue browsing these & other galleries in large size without having to go back & forth with each picture, look for the little arrows at the top, in the middle, that are in little circles. You can easily continue browsing large size by click the forward arrow or back arrow. If you want to go back to the gallery, look to the right top & click close.