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1969 Boston Autorama Photos

"R. I. Red" Is a 1923 T Roadster consisting of a 1930 Chevrolet frame boxed & Z'd, 1946 Ford front axle, 1956 Chevrolet rear end. The motor is a 1958 Corvette 283 C.I. bored out to a 292 C.I.with an 097 duntov cam, solid lifters and 375 solid HP heads. The body is fiberglass with 20 coats of hand rubbed red lacquer, steering wheel is from a 1928 Graham, Springs are model A transverse, gas tank is stainless steel and dual brakes by Rambler. This car was driven only 8 months a year by it's owners Mark & Howard Harris.

1969 Boston Autrorama1923 T Roadster