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This is Mike Quatro at the Detroit Dragway 1969 Nationals. Mike put out several albums in the seventies which featured several underground FM radio songs. However, to this day, none of these albums have ever appeared on CD. Another interesting fact - his sister was Suzy Quatro who also released several albums and had a big hit in the late 70's with the song "Stumblin' In". She also played Leather Tuscadero on the TV show Happy Days. So where is her brother Mike?
A product of the same musical Detroit family that spawned rocker Suzi Quatro and the all-girl garage band the Pleasure Seekers, Mike Quatro also enjoyed a lengthy career on the Motor City club circuit, issuing a series of solo records during the 1970s. The son of jazz band leader Art Quatro, he began playing piano at a young age, and as a teen earned a spot performing on {#The Lawrence Welk Show} during the late 1950s. By the end of the following decade, however, Quatro had largely turned away from performing to become a promoter with such familiar names as Bob Seger & many other now notable bands, booking live dates throughout Michigan; his shows were notable for their pioneering use of closed-circuit video technology, anticipating the increasing reliance on video over the years to follow. By the early 1970s he returned to performing, soon signing to the Evolution label and issuing his solo debut Paintings in 1972; Look Deeply in the Mirror followed a year later, and in 1975 Quatro moved to United Artists to release In Collaboration with the Gods. Despite a fervent local following, he failed to reach a national audience, and subsequent efforts like 1976's Dancers, Romancers, Dreamers and Schemers, 1977's Live and Kickin' and 1979's Getting Ready made little impact on the charts. Out of the public eye for well over a decade, during the 1990s Quatro formed his own music and video production venture, Quatrophonics; in 1995, he also issued Vision, his first solo LP in 16 years. ~
~Quatro was also a race car driver himself, hence his appearance here in this photo at Detroit Dragway at the 1969 National's along with other photos on this website taken that day such as the one of Connie Kalitta, Mickey Thompson & Danny Ongais standing together chatting. You can find that photo in the Detroit Dragway Legends gallery by going back to the home page by clicking the JoeStevensPhotos tab.

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