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Al Bergler's "More Aggravation" Coupe at Detroit Dragway approx. 1960. Bergler was the recipient of the very 1st Ridler Award after having this car on display at the 1964 Detroit Autorama. Photo: by Joe Stevens. There is a copy of the orginal size photo in this gallery which is for sale as are all of the photo's on my website, for personal use only. The reason I made a point of on Facebook or any other website online without watermarks is because I've seen it & know a fan of these photo's has been taking it upon himself to break the law & make illegal copies of this photo and/or others on this website. If you know or know somebody who does know who it is, please let Facebook know & send me their name in a private message. If you'd like to remain anonymous, report their name to Facebook so they'll be removed & have them forward me the info to give to my lawyer. Thank you. I appreciate any help in this matter.