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1964 Lightguard Armory Car Show Photos

A George Barris Kustom Autos car (front, center) named XM SC 210 Racer that was built for Dobie Gillis in series #13 of the Dobie Gillis Show. I think this is such a neat find for my Dad to have shot this car in 1964 at the Lightguard Armory because right around that time, my Dad asked my sister & I if we wanted to go meet Dobie Gillis and Debra Wally because they were at the Wyandotte Theater. My sister went & she got her picture taken with them. So I have a picture of Dobie Gillis to go along with this car. The photo of them is in the Wyandotte Theater, Celebrities gallery.

1964Lightguard ArnoryBarris Kustom AutosXM SC 210Thunderbirdbuilt for Dobie Gillis series 13